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Our history

Texachem International was born in 1987 in Zibido San Giacomo (Milan) where we started the production of polyurethanes in solution for coagulation (wet process) and for direct and transfer coating.

In order to satisfy the rising request of the market, in 1996 we transferred in the new establishment in Cerano (Novara), where we started the process of production diversification; we begin from the leather finishing arriving to all the other sectors where we still operate.

Texachem International is an extremely dynamic company committed to research, development and production of polyurethane.

They are versatile materials based on a sophisticated technology and can be used in following application areas: flexible packaging for food and industrial uses, gloss lamination, building and industrial applications, varnishes for inks, synthetic leather and leather finishing for the footwear, upholstery and clothing.

Texachem International is now present in both national and international market: from Europe to the Middle East, from Australia to New Zeeland, and also Brazil and Africa.

At least the 60% of our turnover comes from international business.

Texachem International S.r.l - VAT 01925680181
Phone +39-0321-728125 - Fax +39-0321-728252

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